Thermal Imaging Radar

Thermal Radar provides inside out security which monitors the perimeter, inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter, giving early detection with unparalleled situational awareness and actionable intelligence.  With the ability to detect a single human over 850 000 m2 area, Thermal Radar literally finds the needle in a haystack.

The Security Challenge

Threats to the security of assets, borders and critical infrastructure are escalating while bad actors have increased access to technology to aid them.  Often threat detection occurs too late to effectively rspond to deter or detain threats leading to equipment theft, vandalism, outages, work stoppage and compromised employee safety.

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The Thermal Radar Solution

Thermal Radar provides inside out security which monitors the perimeter, inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter, giving early detection with unparalleled situational awareness and actionable intelligence.  With the ability to detect a single human over 850 000 m2 area, Thermal Radar literally finds the needle in a haystack.

Our patented thermal radar technology allows one thermal sensor to do the work of up to 20 separate thermal cameras. Using less than 6 W of power, the Thermal Radar is designed to be used in rugged and remote areas as well as high traffic urban settings. It can operate where electronic resources are limited through solar and battery operated power sources as well as Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA and satellite communications systems. 

Thermal Radar becomes the ideal observation and detection solution for critical infrastructure locations and for organisations wishing to protect their interests wherever those interests may be located.


  • Continious 3600 large area coverage
  • Cost effective – uses one thermal sensor to do the work of up to 18 sensors
  • Smal form factor and low power
  • State of the art edge-based analytics

Low False Alarm Rate 

  • High resolution thermal camera combined with powerful analytics reduces false alarm rates
  • Alarms including thermal image which aids in threat assessment
  • Filters out repetitive motion to decrease the fals alarms while monitoring coverage

VMS Integration and User Interface

Thermal Radar’s industry leading software platform allows users to track, monitor and manage perimeter incursions into designated areas. The platform can be set up to alert users when a threat enters specified and protected zones. Thermal Radar can be fully integrated into the VMS of your choice including:

  • Genetec
  • Milestone
  • Avigilon
  • Geovision
  • Exacqvision

How Integration Works

The 3600 thermal images, geospatial data, and alerts are sent to the Thermal Radar Integration Appliance (TRIA) which converts them to a single ONVIF complaint RTSP stream that is readily viewed and recorded in a VMS.

360 Continuous View

With the Thermal Radar Viewer you can see a 3600 panorama image. Just use your click and drag to pan all the way around.

Areas of Interest and Exclusion Zones

The broad coverage of Thermal Radar is easily customized to allow the end user to decide where Thermal Radar should and should not monitor.  Areas of Interest (AOIs) are quickly added, and sensitivity can be set for each AOI.  If an area within an AOI needs to be ignored, an Exclusion Zone is simply drawn in.

Recording and Playback

Playback automatically recorded alerts and record and playback manually recorded footage of the full 3600 image. A list shows you the date and time when each alert or recording happened and how long it lasted. Simply click on the one you want to view.

Thermal Radar is a mission critical and operationally relevant solution for a wide area intrusion detection, available from StratTech today. Thermal Radar provide comperhensive and cost-effective perimeter security through analytics-based thermal intrusion detection and geospatial alarm generation.

How is Thermal Radar Different?

  • Uses rotating thermal sensor to provide continuous thermal coverage
  • Covers a large detection area, monitoring from the inside out at a much lower cost than installing cameras around the perimeter of a facility
  • Thermal doesn’t require light for detection, can detect intrusions both day and night
  • Edge based analytics provides powerful computing inside a small package
  • Thermal doesn’t emit a detectable signal, like ground-based radar does

How can Thermal Radar Be Deployed?

  • Thermal Radar can be the centrepiece of your integrated physical security strategy, or a low power standalone detection outpost
  • Thermal Radar can become the centrepiece of your physical security through VMS integration, directing cameras to detected treats, and alarm generation
  • Thermal Radar’s standalone intrusion detection solution can be mounted on a pole or to the side of a building and connects via mobile network or LAN
  • Thermal Radar’s mobile sentry system is a solar powered trailer system providing on demand wide area intrusion detection of vulnerable areas

Thermal Radar – Wide Area Intrusion Detection Solution

  • Decreases the number of security personnel and security cameras needed to monitor critical areas
  • Provides unparalleled situational awareness
  • Allows multiple targets to be detected and identified simultaneously
  • Delivers High Resolution Thermal Sensor and provides detailed thermal images
  • Affords users the ability to view all threats simultaneously with unrivalled situational awareness
  • Uses less than 6 watts of power
  • Immediately identifies long range and close-range threats
  • Provides edge-based analytics for accurate detection of human and vehicle intrusions
  • Allows for the coordination of existing security cameras and alarms
  • Persistent day and night thermal intrusion detection, sensor gives a refreshed 3600 image every 1-2 seconds
  • User defined areas of interest and exclusion zones
  • Thermal Radar provides unparalleled situational awareness with 3600 coverage using edge-based analytics to limit false alarms
  • Sensitivity and settings easily adjustable for each individual are a of interest

Benefit summary:

  • Immediately identifies near and long-range threats to vunerable and exposed areas
  • Provides edge-based analytics for accurate detection of people and vehicles
  • Produces persistent and continuous day and night 3600 thermal intrusion detection
  • Allows for the coordination of existing security PTZ cameras and alarms
  • Provides situational awareness for security personnel to coordinate response
  • Reduces the number of security cameras needed to rotect secured areas
  • Allows multiple targets to be detected simultaneously
  • Diminishes the number of false intrusion alarms through an exclusive blur mask feature
  • Decreases the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas
  • Unrivaled situational awareness allowing users to view all threats simultaneously
  • Delivers incursion alarms with a 3600 “inside out” approach to intrusion detection.

It’s becoming ever more crucial to protect critical infrastructure against threats. Thermal Radar’s unique continuous 3600 monitoring with flexible communication options allow all types of facilities to be monitored day and night.  Thermal Radar not only monitors the perimeter but also the approach to these facilities by reducing the critical reaction time for deterrent action activities. Fewer cameras equals less cost and maintenance.


Fully Self-Contained Surveillance Solution: Thermal Radar operates as a fully self-contained unit providing its own power, communications, connectivity, analytics and alert monitoring. You can literally take it anywhere an ATV can go and deploy it in minutes

Powerful Onboard Video Analytics: Simple, easy to use analytics allow the user to quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° Field of View (FOV) or to establish Areas of Interest (AOI’s) that can be tailored to just the right sensitivity and confidence levels. These AOI’s can be individually set to varying detections and sensitivities.

Completely Undetectable: Unlike Radar or other active surveillance systems, Thermal Radar is a completely passive system, rendering it invisible to conventional radar detection systems.

Day or Night / Fair or Bad Weather System: Thermal Cameras have long since demonstrated their ability to penetrate dust storms, fog, smoke and complete darkness. No lights, emitters or other devices are required. This camera sees the same image day or night without any assistance or support.

Rugged and Reliable: All components, including the entire rotating assembly, are completely protected from the elements inside a sealed enclosure. No rotating seals to fail, no more sandblasted lenses, no more fogged out images are just a few of the advantages of Thermal Radar’s unique design.

Highly Flexible Alert Platform: Once an alert has been identified by the analytics, Thermal Radar has the ability to send these event notifications along with coordinates and JPEG images via SMS, Wi-FI, Ethernet, Cellular, Satellite or automated phone messages; vary the alert notifications by time of day, day of week, person, alert category, group, etc.;  send only what you want to whom you want, when you want it.

Lightweight and Portable: Thermal Radar tips the scales at less than two and a half kilograms. When combined with its optional, portable, aluminum tower, Thermal Radar can be easily towed to any site with a conventional ATV and deployed 7,5m in the air in minutes. No supporting infrastructure required. This combination is completely self-contained.

Cost Effective: Thermal Radar’s unique ability to multiply the power and capability of a single thermal sensor to do the work of up to 16 separate sensors allows it to provide cost effective blanket thermal coverage to any site.