The Farming Community

Somewhere in South Africa, thieves are loading a farm’s crops or cattle into a truck, armed with bolt cutters, they hastily scrap a R 100,000 irrigation system – for a few hundred Rands worth of copper wire. Solar panels, storage tanks, fuel and generators, gone. Our farmers are living in danger and daily they have to protect their own life’s and property.

It is unbelievable how the tendency to rob farms and farming communities has spiralled to unacceptable levels in the last few years in South Africa. The South African government does not listen to the plea of all the farmers across our country. The South African Police is not in a position to react and what we get is a scenario where criminals can plan their crime activities and get away with it. As yet, there is no insight into solving the problem which let many farming and these communities to the mercy of the criminals and murderers. These criminals have assessed our farmers as soft targets and the tendency of police force active intervention in urban areas is driving the criminals to seek easier ways of enriching themselves, plundering farms.

The traditional security systems are no longer successful:

  • Fencing – the criminals has their ways to get through electric fencing
  • Dogs – criminals will kill your dogs with poison or find ways to eliminate them
  • Normal Beam security systems – this doesn’t work any more as beams can’t be switched on 24/7
  • Guards are not reliable as they fall asleep or sometimes are part of the criminal act.

At StratTech, we believe in providing technology that is always on, easy to install and maintain, but the most important is technology that works. We have searched the best security solutions from around the globe and adapted it to our own situation in South Africa. Our technology are IP based and has capabilities to phone the security companies, your neighbours, and the community. It is time for the community to stand together in providing security. We have the following range of products available to the farming environment:

  • When you are in need, then we have technology that will notify the police, farm watch, your children, your neighbours or anybody else based on the people you want to send an early warning to.
  • We have facial recognition and analytic cameras that will be on 24/7 meaning it will detect a person who illegally tries to enter your property
  • We have DNA Marking technology with which you can mark your property (Cattle, Batteries, or any other property). With UV Cameras we will easily find this property when lost.
  • Our drones have built in artificial intelligence and has autonomous flight procedures which mean your property can be guarded day and night.
  • We have management software that can integrate all the solutions in order to give you single view of what’s happening on your farm

StratTech is working hand-in-hand with Afriforum and Project Nehemia Team to safeguard South Africa. It is our vision to stop farm killings and to make it safe again for a farmer to enjoy his work.