The StratSense Solution


The StratSense solution suite provides a scalable fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system. The optical fiber sensor can be mounted on most fence types including walls, palisade, diamond mesh, welded mesh and electrical fencing.

Per-zone customization disturbance filtering is employed to minimize nuisance alarms. Secure optical fiber communication between units and the control room provides tamper resistant monitoring of the system.


  • StratSense does not need power supplies and maintenance to the linear part (optical fibre), of the sensing element. This reduces the per Km cost significantly compared to other sensing systems.
  • Quick repair of the damaged linear part F/O cable
  • No elements in the linear part require regular maintenance or replacement
  • Life cycle – 15 years (if deployed and operated according to instructions
  • The StratSense system does not require a power supply to the linear part
  • The open systems architecture of the systems allows for easy integration with other security systems
  • The distributed architecture decentralizes the physical equipment risk.
  • In addition, the installation provides an infrastructure platform that allows for the easy addition of other security technologies and redundancies. 
  • The system is scalable from a single zone unit for small sized installations to hundreds of units connected with secure optical fibre cable for large installations.
  • The StratSense system provides advanced event filtering to minimize nuisance alarms. The event filter can be customised per zone to allow for differences in disturbance types and different fence/walled media.
  • The StratSense product has a rugged enclosure fitted with industrial grade connectors for long term care-free operation.
  • No special climate controlled environments are required, as the units are designed to operate over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

Why StratSense?

  • Low cost per km: one system can monitor 40 km (extendable up to 75 km)
  • Use existing infrastructure: standard single mode fibre optical (F/O) cable “runs”, F/O cable is the “sensing” element
  • High spatial resolution: below 10 metres Immune to electromagnetic influences like lightning, etc.
  • Independent of weather conditions
  • Can be integrated into existing monitoring systems

Cost-effective monitoring of any long - distance infrastructure or perimeter

Monitoring of:





High Value Sites

Monitoring of:

Military Infrastructure


Commercial Farm Perimeters


Mine Perimeters


Monitoring of:

traffic on railways and highways

the movement of equipment and personnel in the vicinity of airport runways

perimeters and ancillary sites at airports

helps with the assessment of rail/roadway conditions

assesses the condition of rolling stock and locomotives on rail

access to important infrastructure facilities


Monitoring of:

access to pipelines


in-line inspections, displaying the position of flow-shells (PIGS)


the perimeters of nuclear and hydro/coal power plants


 the work along pipelines