Criminals easily force people to open their gun safes in order to steal valuables such as cash and firearms.

SafeEye* is a unique and intelligent monitoring device that automatically dispenses microscopic forensic barcoding particles upon forced access to any gun safe or strong room environment.

This ensures a 100% unique forensic link between the criminal, the crime event, and the assets to ensure the fast apprehension and subsequent prosecution of the criminal.

  • SafeEye automatically dispenses artificial forensic barcoding particles that are pre-registered to the owner
  • The forensic barcoding particles leave a 100% unique trace on the criminal and the assets, only visible with florescence and contains police-dog scent tracers
  • Such forensic marking dramatically improves the traceability and subsequent prosecution of the criminals involved
  • SafeEye is armed with only ProTectaDNA particles...the best artificial barcoding in the industry!
  • SafeEye is an electronic sensing device that is armed and disarmed by the rightful owner. When an unauthorized access takes place, the device being in armed state, will automatically dispense the microscopic barcode markers as a harmless spray.

*SafeEye is distributed under exclusive license by StratTech (Pty) Ltd.