One well timed ALERT, with instant response, can save a LIFE!

Total peace of mind with the press of a button 24/7 365 days per year

Life Alert is the ONLY service of its kind that includes both Accidental and Security Services:

(All included in the monthly Subscription)

The Life Alert solution provides members access to the largest National network of organisations, each one experts in their fields across all services. With a 24 hour dedicated emergency services the control room will call you on your device to determine the type of emergency and will dispatch the relevant emergency service to your exact location. Life Alert works on most GSM networks across South Africa.

Security Services:

  • Dedicated control room with access to a national network of more than 150 companies with trained armed responders across South Africa, so no matter where you are in the country, you will be monitored and assisted in your emergency situation.
  • This include Private Security companies, Fire and Rescue, Advanced Life Support and Accidental services, Neighborhood and Farm Watches in rural areas as well as SAPS.
  • Call out cost of Security services included in your monthly subscription.
  • A responder app is available for Community Safety emergency responders/Private Security emergency responders
  • Security companies & Community Safety groups are eligible for our command and control software to be used in their control rooms and environments.

Accidental Services:

As a member of the Life Alert emergency product you will have access to the largest fleet of ambulances and helicopters, including, but not limited to Netcare 911 and ER24. You will also have access to the EVAC24 call centre which will dispatch the closest ambulance/helicopter to take you to the most appropriate hospital to meet your needs.

  • Costs in the event of an accident: Emergency transportation as well as Guaranteed Acceptance into hospital up to R10 000 (most of SADEC Region coverage) Evacuation done by ambulance, helicopter or fixed wing planes, (T’s + C's apply)
  • R10 000 Accidental Death benefit
  • Up to R10 000 Accidental Disability benefit
  • Emergency Hospital Cash in case of accident: R1 000/ per day (up to 9 days, first 24 hours excl)

Accidental Emergency Evacuation and Medical Expenses apply to a person or category of persons between the ages of 16 (sixteen) and 65 (sixty-five) years.

This is only a summary, please refer to the policy wording for a full explanation of all benefits


Promoting Safety through effective locate, secure and protect technologies.

Stand Alone Panic Button

Compact Design - small and portable enough to be carried on the body, or in a bag.

GPS Location

You are instantly located and tracked via your GPS co-ordinates.

Accidental Emergencies

Emergency Transportation and Evacuation as well as Guaranteed Acceptance into hospital.

Panic Button on Phone App

App with panic button on phone with additional features

Roaming Sim Card

The device works anywhere a Vodacom cellphone network is available.

Always-On Control Room

The control room is manned and ready to assist 24/7 365 days per year.

Battery Life

6-day battery life and easy to use magnetic charger. Low-Battery notifications options.

Two-way Talk & Listen In

Two-way talk mode for control room assistance via the panic button.

Dust and Water Resistant

Button safe to use in most areas

Purchase Device and Subscribe:

Terms and Conditions applies

How it works:

Press Panic button on Smartphone (App)

Press the Panic button on your Smartphone App in case of Emergency


Press Panic button

Press the Panic button of your device in case of Emergency

Cellphone signal

The panic app or device works anywhere a cellphone network is available

GPS Location

You are instantly located and tracked via your GPS co-ordinates. At the same time your closest responders are notified to stand by

Control Room calls you

The control room calls you on your cell phone or panic button to determine your emergency and dispatches either or both services: (Security or Medical Services)

Control Room calls response team

At the same time the Call Centre will also communicate all the necessary personal information of the person in need to the response team

Accidental Emergencies

In case of Emergency Transportation and Evacuation as well as Guaranteed Acceptance into hospital (mostly private hospitals)

Security Emergencies

Closest Security Services dispatched to your location

Our portable remote panic protection service is ideally suited to:

RSA Citizens /International Travellers


Tourism Industry

Medical Services & Paramedics

The Elderly


Sports Men and Women

Security Services

… businesses and individuals seeking peace of mind through the protection of self, loved ones and property!

How does Life Alert Work?

Life Alert works on a very basic principle. The app has one sole purpose, to activate a panic when the user feels threatened. This panic can be activated from a variety of sources, the app itself or a Life Alert standalone panic button/ -device.

As soon as the panic has been activated the panic will be sent to the following:

  1.   The five nearest responders
  2.    Life Alert’s Centralized control room
  3.    All the security Partner’s Control rooms in the area

This ensures that Life Alert informs all relevant parties and has multiple fail overs for the protection of our clients.

All control room staff and responders are registered with PSIRA and vetted before they are allowed to participate on Life Alert. Life Alert also requires random drug tests on all parties involved for partners to be compliant with the response contract.

Why is Life Alert Different?

Life Alert  is the first in the industry with a few unique positions in terms of approach and technology:

  • Life Alert is the first Neutral security solution in SA
  • Life Alert is the first Mobile panic button that offers a wireless button (for when you cannot access your phone) as well as extendibility to wearables.
  • Life Alert is the first panic button that automatically dispatches responders based on an algorithm that calculates who the best positioned responder is.

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