ProTectaDNA Intrusion Spray

ProTectaDNA Intrusion Spray is the ultimate commercial criminal and theft deterrent, and an ideal way for businesses, shops, banks and other premises to protect their valuable stock, cash and staff.

ProTectaDNA Intrusion Spray can be linked to electronic smart systems, or used as a stand-alone system activation. When triggered, ProTectaDNA Intrusion Spray will infuse intruders with a solution containing a unique DNA code and UV tracer (different colours) and/or Pepper Spray to deter any potential criminal activities.

How it works

Single or multiple ProTectaDNA Spray heads can be fitted at strategic locations, premises or key areas of valuable stock. The DNA Spray can be armed by a number of different actions linked to an existing intruder detection system. After arming the system, movement sensors cause the spray head to release the unique ProTectaDNA solution onto the offenders.

Identifying a Sprayed Offender

Traces of the DNA solution can be taken from the skin, hair and clothing of suspects, and processed by means of forensic analysis to prove that the suspect has committed an offence at a particular location. Although invisible and harmless, the UV and DNA will remain on the wrongdoer for weeks.

The Deterrent Effect

As the DNA fear-factor amongst criminals is so high, it has been proven that criminals will rather avoid sites protected by DNA.