Encoders and Recorders

You can keep your old analogue cameras. But now they won’t feel old.

Get all the benefits of an IP system while keeping your existing analogue investment, without compromising quality.

That’s a win-win: for your security and your budget.

Our Encoders will deliver seamless, Open Standard video.

They’re an easy, cost effective way of migrating legacy analogue cameras to IP.

The Ultra 9000 Encoders are equipped with IndigoVision’s unique SMART.core™ technology have market leading video and audio performance, in-built video analytics, require less storage for recordings and give lower system costs. SMART.core™ makes your existing analogue cameras smart. They're also available in a 20 channel, rack mount form factor, making installation even easier. The BX100 Encoders deliver great features, at a down to earth price.

Feeling safe doesn’t have to feel expensive.

Avigilon analog video encoder

Our video encoder is a cost-effective way to migrate your legacy analog system to a network-based IP-system. You get the benefits of a digital system while still using your analog cameras, enabling you to migrate to a full digital system when you’re ready.

Easily transition from analog to digital

The Avigilon video encoder converts a standard analog video feed into a digital stream, enabling you to send the captured digital images over an IP network. You can then view live images on your IP network using video management software and add IP-based cameras as your budget allows.

Enjoy the benefits of Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™

Connecting your analog system to an IP network gives you incredible benefits like remote viewing and monitoring. Plus, you get all the benefits of ACC:

  • Fast search
  • Intelligent storage
  • Powerful event management
Get better image quality

With our encoder’s advanced 3D motion-adaptive, de-interlacing technology, you get sharper, clearer images from your analog cam

Support for multiple cameras

The Avigilon video encoder gives you full control over any analog camera connected to your network.