ProTectaDNA will protect your home, valuables and vehicles from being stolen and is now available to everyone

What is ProTectaDNA?
  • ProTectaDNA is an easy- to-apply property marking solution that consists of a unique, invisible genetic barcode, hundreds of microdots, and a UV tracer. The ProTectaDNA mark has been proved through extended periods and can be used to identify etc.
  • The ProTectaDNA microdots containthe details of both the unique owner code and contact details.
  • Authorities can quickly identify the owner of a marked asset via the ProTecta Database
  • If required, ProTectaDNA can be analyzed by a forensic laboratory in South Africa, to determine the unique DNA code, and therefore identify the owner of the marked item or property

ProTectaDNA is an advanced forensic crime reduction system which conclusively links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law.

Thieves know that DNA can assist the police to convict criminals on a daily basis and that’s why they stay well away from homes and belongings which are “DNA protected’.

All home electronics and valuables can be protected by applying ProTectaDNA and is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but each kit contains a unique invisible genetic code that glows under UV light.

Security officers search for traces of ProTectaDNA as it allows them to identify stolen goods and link it to a crime scene or owner and return property or goods to the rightful owner.

Tamper resistant stickers are supplied with each kit to warn criminals. Statistics show that by marking your belongings and displaying warning stickers you can reduce your chance of being burgled.