When it comes to integrated security in an airport, we are faced with various challenges

With the large numbers of travelers in large spaces with numerous entrances and exits, airport security is a challenge. An airport is like a city. From the check-in desks, to the cars and taxis arriving in front and the planes refueling, to the arrival desk, safety is the issue.

From passengers who mistakenly stumble into a no-go area to bad guys who do on purpose, from cars which stop in the wrong place to packages left alone and unattended too long, safety is the issue.

Because you need to see everything, our security cameras can, including faces in the absolute dark.

Our video lets you monitor and record thousands of security cameras, from anywhere, at the same time. Miss nothing.

And because it’s a safe bet you can’t afford a breakdown, we build video security solutions that have no single point of failure. And solutions that are easier to use than your television.

While all this goes on you can be at your desk or on the move: our video management software lives on your desk-top or smart phone. You see everything, hear everything. You and your airport are in safe hands.

Safe is a wonderful feeling. Especially in an airport. Get in touch with us today for an integrated solution that will address your unique security need.

End-to-end Solution

Keep passengers and staff safe with our products. Our access control solutions combine with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software for seamless security.

Irrefutable evidence law enforcement will love

Our access control manager is web-based, so you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.

Quality images or low bandwidth levels

Get maximum resolution. Proprietary High Definition Stream Management technology intelligently manages bandwidth and storage, minimising impact to your network and letting you search through security footage faster.

Manage access to restricted areas from anywhere

A web-based access control manager means you're no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.

Resolve incidents from parking lot to plane

When an incident occurs, like an accident or theft, you want it under control right away. Our high-definition surveillance solutions mean faster response times. And that means airport travellers and systems can stay on track.

Monitor retail environments, protect customers and prevent loss

Protect customers and prevent retail losses. Ensure duty free shop personnel are following best practices. And even monitor inventory levels with the help of our end-to-end solutions and the point-of-sale integrations of a control center.

Reduce costs with fewer cameras, easier install.

See more, with less. Our high-definition surveillance solutions use fewer cameras than conventional systems. That means less installation, less labour, and more money in your pocket.

Resolve incidents from parking lot to plane.

When an incident occurs, like an accident or theft, you want it resolved right away. Our access control management and high-definition surveillance solutions help you respond faster, which help airport systems and travellers stay on track.