Access Control Management

Avigilon Access Control Manager™

Part of the Avigilon™ trusted security solutions portfolio, Access Control Manager (ACM) helps organizations keep people, property and assets safe with an easy-to-use, role-based system that can grow with you. It has the flexibility to work with the systems you already have, which helps eliminate extra work and increase productivity.

Works with your existing IT systems

Manage permissions centrally, from a single location. ACM integrates with Active Directory, HR databases, and other IT and logical security systems.

Easy to use – anytime, anywhere

ACM is a 100% browser-based solution that allows full access from any device, enabling security personnel to respond to an incident immediately, no matter where they are.

Trusted security. All in one place.

ACM integrates with Avigilon Control Center, to easily manage video alarm events with either system and display them through an intuitive interface.

Setup in minutes

Our access control solutions take only minutes to install. With a pre-configured server, you’ll never have to install software on multiple workstations.

Your hardware. Our system.

Our access control management solutions support open field hardware from leading manufacturers such as Mercury Security and HID. When coupled with our retrofit programs, they enable you to leverage past hardware installations, so your legacy investments don’t go to waste.

When you grow, we grow

Scale up or down. Since our solutions are open and browser-based, you can scale with a low cost of ownership. With three appliance options, ACM offers the flexibility of arming one door or thousands.

Never be caught off guard

Hot-standby or auto-failover is always at the ready through our cloud-based server architecture, switching to your backup system automatically in the event of a fatal failure. This saves you from costly redundancies, and lets you keep business, business as usual.

Access Control Management Systems

Performance driven, flexible solution
Access Control Manager Professional

Supporting up to 32 card readers per appliance, Access Control Manager Professional is perfect for small to medium-sized deployments, such as schools, offices, hospitals and museums. The simple form factor makes it painless to install and our easy to use software is browser-based and accesible from anywhere with an internet connection. The system is maintenance-free and requires very little in the way of training and set-up costs.

Access Control Manager Enterprise

Supporting up to 2,048 card readers per appliance, Access Control Manager Enterprise is perfect for enterprises of all sizes looking to secure their facilities, people and assets across a variety of offices, buildings or locations. The system eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy security systems and was built to be completely scalable to your business's needs. Access Control Manager also provides seamless integration with IT systems and physical security and leverages open field hardware investments.

Access Control Manager Virtual

Access Control Manager Virtual is a physical access control system (PACS) that comes VMware ready, for deployments in a virtual server environment. Manage security within your own private cloud infrastructure, while leveraging IT investments in hardware virtualization. The system can also help to extend security budgets by eliminating the cost of stand-alone servers and software.


Easy to use features that make our systems the go to solution
Accessible from any workstation.

Our easy-to-use access control interface is browser-based, which allows you to manage privileges from any workstation with an Internet connection. It’s also compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. So you never have to worry about not being connected.

Full personnel tracking during emergencies.

ACM's mustering functionality empowers first responders to act quickly in an emergency situation by providing visibility into the number of personnel moving in and out of designated emergency areas. Mustering uses information generated from the swiping of access cards to get real-time information on everyone's location. You can customize different areas by size, color and shape and overlay on a map or non-map view for enhanced tracking and up-to-the-second insight on the status of personnel.

For your eyes only.

Define user roles and what information they can access by department, location and credentials. This allows you to ensure administrators never see any more than they need to.

Input data once and once only.

Avigilon Access Control Manager integrates with your existing identity management system or HR employee database, so you don’t have to enter the same data on multiple workstations. Your company’s identities, roles and policies are synchronized across all network appliances in real-time.

Better information, faster response times.

With our enhanced graphic map support, you get real-time visual information for all of your alarms and doors in the context of your floor plan. This enables you to respond to trouble faster.

Stay informed around the clock.

With our email notifications you can receive custom alerts for any irregular activity at any time of day, ensuring you can react to any situation as quickly as possible. No matter what happens you’re always the first to know.

Access Control Management Hardware

Controllers, interface modules, I/O modules
Flexible options

One way to protect and future-proof your Avigilon™ Access Control Manager (ACM)™ investment is by using hardware from leading manufacturers such as Mercury Security and HID Global. With hardware options for small- to enterprise-level systems, deploying and managing your ACM system has never been more intuitive and flexible as it is today. Installations will further benefit from a wide selection of hardware that will provide the features needed for most project requirements.

Controllers, interface modules and I/O modules

Mercury Security focuses on supplying OEM hardware for access control. With more than 2.5 million control panels in operation, Mercury is one of the top players in the market. Avigilon is a Platinum Elite Mercury Partner and offers Mercury controllers, interface modules and I/O modules as part of our Access Control Manager solution.

Controllers, interface modules and I/O modules

HID Global is a trusted leader in solutions for creation, management and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide. Avigilon is a Platinum HID Partner and offers HID VertX EVO® controllers and HID VertX® interface and I/O modules as part of our Access Control Manager solution.

Access Control Management Integrations

Flexible, tightly integrated platform
All-in-one solutions to support your business

Avigilon™ Access Control Manager (ACM) combines video management, wireless locking, alarm panel management and visitor management into a single all-in-one access management solution. An advanced programming interface connects everything, providing a secure communications path to keep your people, property and assets safe.

Video integration with Access Control Manager

Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ combines the industry’s easiest-to-use video platform with ACM, one of the most flexible and performance-driven access solutions on the market. These systems work together to produce action-based alarms as well as both electronic and visual notifications, so security teams can respond to critical system events quickly.

ACM Alarm Panel Integration

Optimize the value of access control by monitoring and controlling Bosch intrusion panels from ACM. This integration brings increased security, improved accuracy, and visual verification of alerts. Click here to learn more about alarm panel management from Avigilon.

Wireless locking solutions

Allegion specializes in security around the door, from electronic locks, door closures and exit devices to the integration of these solutions in access control applications. Avigilon offers the Schlage line of wireless locking hardware that allows businesses to save both time and costs when deploying a wireless locking solution.

ASSA ABLOY - Wireless locking solutions

ASSA ABLOY is a global leader in door opening solutions that satisfy the needs for security, safety and convenience. Avigilon integrates with the Aperio line of wireless locking solutions that increase security, lower time of installation and decrease the cost of deployment.

Visitor management

To streamline access for contractors and visitors using ACM integration, EasyLobby from HID Global provides a secure and professional all-in-one visitor management system. This solution allows mapping of custom fields and roles in ACM for easy visitor check-in, using the EasyLobby software. This allows your operation to run efficiently while protecting the security of your business.