Our name says it all: Strategic Technology!

StratTech is a leading technology company which aims to provide what all individuals and businesses need the most today: SECURITY. It is our aim to make you safe.

Our trusted security surveillance and detection solutions come with support and can be applied to commercial and industrial markets such as working from home to urban, rural and agricultural communities across South Africa and the African continent. A complete product matrix is available to assist all clients in the various markets, from individuals to large organisations and industries.

Security systems is there to make you safe and this includes yourself and your family, your property and business. We simplify technology by focusing on delivering solutions based on your specific need. It is important for us to continuously find better technology that will fit your budget and requirement.

We always strive to be at the forefront of innovation and therefore we are providing intelligent integrated security solutions. From technology that will set off an alarm when you are in danger, advanced camera and video solutions, video recorders, management solutions to drones, we listen to your need and ensure we deliver a simplified solution that will be easy to use, but will be very effective.

Our Vision

StratTech offers  Integrated Security Risk Management Solutions.

Our Mission

To ensure we provide the best technologies for safety, peace and success of all good people in South Africa. We aim to play a vital role in the prevention of the high levels of crime in our country and across Africa.

StratTech is a self funded company.